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Exterior of Lollypop English House

Lollypop English House is a unique English school located in an independent building in Toyonaka (Toneyama Hotarugaike). We will nurture children with a global perspective in an environment like no other school.

Lollypop Aims To

Nurturing children with a global perspective so that they can apply themselves to internationalization.

Many families wish for their children to grow up to be bilingual and fluent in English. Being able to use two languages rather than one opens the door to a wider world for children, and at the same time, it will be an invaluable asset for their future.
When you think about your children’s future, why not give them the great option of spreading their wings to the world?

Basics of English Conversation in Lollypop


Improvement of Proficiency Skills

Our rich curriculum enhances the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Cultivating an Ear for English

Students develop an ear for listening to English and acquire native-like pronunciation.


Step-By-Step & Long-Term Learning

We aim to help students acquire English step by step through a “long-term approach.”


Fun and Active Learning

We nurture children to communicate in English in an active, fun and more intelligent way.


Understanding of Different Cultures

We cultivate a mindset of mutual respect for each other’s values by deepening our understanding of different cultures.

of Lollypop

Native English Teacher and Japanese Pair Lesson

Native teachers teach English in a fun way according to the curriculum, assisted by a Japanese teacher in paired lessons. This teaching method is suited for Japanese students, but young children can also learn English comfortably.


Two Hours per Lesson

In a 2-hour lesson, students learn the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will learn listening skills and the basics of native-like pronunciation in the shower of native teachers.


Lessons in Small Group

We provide detailed lessons to each student by our paired lessons.


Easy-to-Understand and a Fun Program

By using visual materials that are easy for children to understand, we efficiently improve basic skills such as phonics, listening, speaking, and reading.


Challenging the Eiken Junior and Eiken tests

One of the goals in learning English is to pass the EIKEN (English Proficiency Test). At Lollypop English House, kindergarten and elementary school students take the Eiken Junior test.Elementary school students (Eiken Level 5 to Pre-level 2) and Junior & High school students (Eiken Pre level 2 to Pre level 1) take the Eiken test to learn English with a goal. We offer Eiken courses to students who are taking our regular classes.



( Easter, Summer Week, Halloween, Christmas )

As part of our cross-cultural program, we incorporate activity programs related to events at different times of the year. Students can learn different cultures and enjoy encounters with knowledge and experiences learning about the world.