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About the Program

Who will teach the two-hour class?

Pre-kinder through elementary school classes are taught by a native teacher for two hours, and with a Japanese teacher assisting in pair-teaching. For junior and high school classes, a native teacher and a Japanese teacher teach in a relay-teaching style.

Are there breaks in the two-hour classes?

There is a 5-minute break after the first hour of the lesson. Small children (kindergarten and early elementary school students) are asked to bring a simple snack during the break (snack time).

What kind of class is the Eiken course?

This is an additional course for students taking regular classes. Eiken is a class taught by a Japanese teacher who will teach students for the first and second stage (interview) tests.

Do you offer returnee courses?

Returnee children are supported as well. Please contact us for details.

About Fees

What are the required fees?

There is an enrollment fee, monthly fee, textbook fee, and maintenance fee. For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Is there a recess system?

Basically, we accept students for special reasons such as injury or illness of the child. We accept inquiries from parents of students.


Is there parking available?

We have a parking lot for 4 cars located 2 minutes walking distance from the school. Please click here for details. We ask that those living nearby commute to the school by bicycle or on foot.

Do you provide children’s transportation service?

Please contact us about pick-up service.