English 日本語

I started learning English at “Lollypop” when I was 4 years old. At first, I wondered if my child would be able to study for two hours or if she would dislike English, but there was no need to worry. My child loves the kind and fun teachers and now looks forward to her weekly class.


My son started attending Lollypop from 3 years old and it has been 3.5 years now. Now that he is in elementary school, he enjoys going to Lollypop every week. I am satisfied that he is not just studying English but is having fun learning and likes to learn English. He seems to be learning a lot of different words. He also seems to memorize a few simple spellings. It’s not quite there yet, but I think we will continue to have him as a place where he can learn English in a fun way.


I am ashamed to admit that I do not speak English at all, but I have never had a 45-minute lesson at other English conversation schools that did not match my way of thinking and fit my needs. The lessons are enjoyable, with physical activities, snack time, and the use of a board to keep the children occupied. Class is taught in a small group with a native English speaker and an assistant teacher per class, and I was glad that the teachers kindly look after my daughter who was tired and crying at kindergarten.


I was looking for a school where my daughter could love English, and she could be taught by a native English-speaking teacher for as long as possible. That is when we came across “Lollypop”. My daughter now looks forward to her weekly lessons as if she were going there to play rather than to study. The curriculum at Lollypop is well organized, the teachers are very experienced, and they work with each child individually to bring out the having fun, and she is doing her homework willingly because she feels that it is something she must do to go play. She is having fun while doing so, but she is getting stronger. I believe that “love is the key to success,” so “Lollypop” is a school that fulfills my wish.


My child has been attending this school since the end of the first grade. At first, I thought the class level might be too high for my child, but thanks to the support of the teachers, he has never been reluctant to attend the school and looks forward to it every week. The Eiken Jr. and Eiken examinations are also very good because it helps him to have a goal and motivates him to study harder.



We love the class in a small group, seasonal events, and the homey atmosphere. Every year, I was encouraged to challenge the Eiken test. With school and teachers’ guidance, I was able to pass the level 2 test this year. In the speech contest (oratory section) at school, I won the second place for two consecutive years, and was selected to represent my school in the Osaka preliminary round of the Prince Takamado Cup, which gave her a great deal of confidence. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers for their tremendous support.


Junior High

It has been five years since my children started attending the school. During that time, they have taken the high school entrance exam, challenged and won an English speech contest, and traveled alone to Europe, among many other experiences. In particular, he was able to win an award for excellence in the speech contest for the second year in a row with the support of the teachers, and this has given him confidence. The teachers’ support has helped him to win an award for excellence, which has boosted his confidence. The most joyful thing for me as a parent is when he comes home and happily talks to me about the class and casual conversations with the teachers.


High School

This time, my son was able to grow up to win the Toyonaka Mayor’s Award at the Toyonaka City English Speech Contest. Of course, we are grateful for the support and efforts of the teachers. However, as a parent, I am most happy that I can feel that my child is steadily acquiring English skills, and that this has led to increased self-confidence. I believe that the class in a small group and the way the school teaches according to each student’s level of understanding may be part of the reason for this growth. If possible, I would like to have him continue working with Lollypop until it says, “We have nothing more to teach you.


High School